Mekakucity Planetes is a fan made mix and is not an official mix.
I thought I’d upload it for 15th August, so here it is!

Download here (Please note that you need to use a specialist program, e.g. winRar or 7-zip, to extract the archive as the file is in .rar format)

BEFORE LISTENING: Please do take note that on track 24 and track 32, you may come across technical difficulties. Track 24 at 01:05 and Track 32 at 00:47 to their ends. This is not your electronic device breaking, it is the evil tendency of crop pasting and changing tempo.

The creator of the songs is じん(自然の敵P)(Jin(Shizen no TekiP)) along with 石風呂(Ishifuro) and ゴボウメン(Goboumen)
The person in charge of the background to the cover art is しづ(Shidu) and the IA section by 赤坂アカ(Akasaka Aka)

Total playtime for this mix is 43:15

To check the tracklist and to find out where the compilation songs have come from, please check out the read more section.
Also check at the very bottom of the read more for the inspirations and ideas in the creation of this tracklist.

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